Sanitize This: Why Sanitation Matters Today and… Tomorrow

More than ever, in the wake of COVID-19, the world is realizing the value of proper sanitation practices. The World Health Organization (WHO) over the last year has linked the touching of contaminated surfaces as one of the primary channels to contract the virus. Several countries have been able flattened the COVID-19 curves due to heightened attention to sanitation and proper hygiene.

An unclean environment will expose individuals to infections at higher rates and negatively influence emotional and mental well-being. A clean environment on the other hand, facilitates robust overall welfare as several studies have connected this to a happy and healthy sense of living in individuals. Therefore, after we are globally able to overcome the damages left by COVID-19, the effort to maintain both cleanliness and properly sanitized environments must continue to support the quality of life in our people.

Let’s discuss in a little more detail, some benefits that come along with adopting better sanitation practices.

1. Aids in the Fight Against Harmful Viruses like COVID-19

According to Lemi Shine, a consumer health product company, adequate sanitation begins with a proper cleaner. Without a doubt, viruses and other harmful microbes thrive in dirt, and infections go hand in hand with the previous. But when an environment is regularly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected, the risk of spreading harmful viruses greatly decreases.

2. Promotes Mental Well-being

Satisfaction with one’s surroundings naturally boosts well-being. According to a recent survey, a properly cleaned environment proves to be a handy approach to both tackling anxiety and depression.

3. Supports Enhance Productivity

A clean environment naturally transforms individuals into perpetually happy people. When negative emotion is eliminated, there is space for creativity to be reborn. This subsequently translates into not only a heightened sense of well-being, but also increased productivity both personally and professionally.


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